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WES is a national agency that focuses on integration, reintegration and providing various training courses. The company was founded in 2003 by Joan Kruitwagen – Winter. WES stands for quality and continuity. There is a lot of talk about integration and reintegration. We just do it. WES feels responsible for those people who do not yet participate in the social process, for example in the form of paid employment. WES wants to strengthen the position of job seekers of both phase I and phase II and lower.


WES advocates training and further training in order to sustainably strengthen the position on the labor market. WES stands for social activation. WES takes its clients seriously. WES has as its motto when the client is taken seriously, motivated and when looking at it from the perspective of the individual, in this way the basis for successful and, above all, sustainable outflow to paid work is laid.


Our goal is to tap clients’ talents. With the Mixer – Method is a first step towards reflection, towards self-awareness, in order to achieve self-control. Active participation in society is central to us.

Training should be an essential element in the approach to getting job seekers to work sustainably. A combination of work and education is often the best approach.

Suitable work for the individual, that is essential. If it offers sufficient challenge, the candidates become motivated. The work must also serve a social purpose.

People do their best only if you know how to use them. This is reflected in the booking of small successes. WES continually offers this opportunity.

For an individual project to succeed, the following ingredients must be present; competence-oriented, open learning situations, imitation of reality. These ingredients offer promising incentives to get the candidates out of their social isolation.

Through education, reintegration and integration come to what you really want to do! Making your dream come true. To realize and put down what drives you and what you find important in life.

We are constantly working on new developments in education, reintegration and integration, which is also a result of our dream and adventure.

We are therefore on your side with understanding and compassion, we know what we are talking about, our knowledge and insights, our approach and programs are fed by our own experience.

Education and training are important instruments for increasing awareness among people and transferring information. Awareness reinforces the process of empowerment. Empowerment is a process that enters people’s strength and therefore gives people the opportunity to get the best out of themselves.

Whether you dream of a completed language training, a vocational training, a job as a bus driver, administrative assistant, a nurse or your own company. . . . .


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