Civic Intergration

Regular routes

As part of civic integration, WES provides literacy and civic integration programs, state examinations processes and ONA programs. WES is affiliated with Blik op Werk and has a quality mark. These programs are aimed at people obliged to take a civic integration program, in which we offer short, average and long programs, varying from six months to 2 years, depending on the level of the student. For these civic integration programs, a person obliged to take a civilization can apply for a loan from DUO. For further information, please contact us via the contact page on this website.

In addition, WES offers a number of special civic integration programs. Here is a list of these routes:

  • the ‘status holders in motion wide’

  • the trajectory ‘Taaltraining NT2’ (for working people)

  • the ‘Various training courses’ route, which lead to better communication and further development of the person, aimed at low educated and immigrant women

Participation status holders

Track 'status holders in movement wide'

The ‘status holders in movement wide’ trajectory aims to allow status holders to integrate more rapidly into society, which also gives them the opportunity to take up or strengthen their position on the labor market more quickly. A second goal is to enable immigrants to function independently in society. Thirdly, wes winter education services, as training and mediation agency, noted that many status holders, who are in an intermediate phase, waiting for a decision about permanent housing, feel excluded, creating a barrier to integration in dutch society and the labor market.

Wes can accomplish this via the groundbreaking learning and working path ‘status holders in movement diversity’.

Route: 'language training nt2' (for workers)

Within this process, it is a language training for working foreigners of different descent, who want and have to communicate better in the workplace. It concerns a training for participants who have already followed a course for beginners. In this language training, use is made of the method ‘practical dutch and communication in the workplace, developed by joan kruitwagen – winter. This language training can be provided at national level, with location of your choice.

Trajectory: various training courses, which lead to better communication and further development of the person, aimed at low educated and immigrant women

The aim of the process is to enable a group of low-educated and immigrant women to communicate better and to offer the opportunity to stand up for themselves. Training sessions are given to this group on various topics that interest them. Wes offers a total training, consisting of the language training ‘dutch as a second language, an assertiveness training in combination with the training social skills and an orientation course, in which participants get to know themselves better. In addition to this total training, we also offer a computer course. A third part of the program is a project, in which what one learns in the training courses, applies in this project, called ‘I and the other’.

Language level is increased via language training, which is linked to the european language passport. Through the assertiveness training in combination with the social skills training and the orientation course, social self-sufficiency is improved and learned to stand up for yourself. These trainings are brought together in a total training, because each training has common ground with each other and the same subjects are covered in each part training.

Within the computer training you learn to deal with the computer, where all kinds of applications are covered and extra attention is paid to word processing.

In the project ‘I and the other’ you will work individually and in a group on an interesting project, where you have not learned anything in the training that you apply in this project.

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