WES guides people who are once again unemployed or unemployed due to a new interpretation of their future through return to work.

This is done by means of individual supervision, training and self-employment, whereby step-by-step work is done on researching and realizing this step.

In doing so, WES complies with the requirements set for the Individual Re-integration Agreement (IRO), in which the client himself remains in charge of this re-integration.

Within the Individual Re-integration Agreement, a placement plan is drawn up, consisting of steps that the client must take to return to work. The client must fully agree with this plan and then undertakes to implement the plan to the best of its ability. With this guidance by WES, the wishes and needs of the client are paramount and we try to find work together at the level that the client was accustomed to. After the client has been successfully placed, he / she can count on aftercare by WES for a certain period, depending on the wishes and needs of the client.

Within the re-integration process, WES focuses on job-seekers in various phases and offers mediation in returning to the labor market. In doing so, WES works together with the municipality and leather and work companies

The program of WES in the sign of Re-integration is called ?? The Individual Development Project ?? You can request further information about this program via the e-mail.

The individual development project

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